Out of Body - Out of Time

The Russian

Chris and Luc

The group finishes their shopping spree.

Chet Rifkin and Gordon Bane abandon their old Hibernoid bodies. Chet opts for a Tako morph and Gordon decides to use a Ghost morph again. Both morphs are heavily modified for combat. They both merge with their new bodies and find the final adjustment difficult. (For the next 4 days the characters will be at -10 to all physical actions.)

Shortly after merging with their new bodies Veronica Palmer calls them in for a meeting. She is agitated and brusk with the pair. It appear a russian man has been following her team as it moves The Artifact around for study. But both get the sense she is actually lying and that they man is making it difficult to destroy the artifact.

She gives them the coordinates for the man’s Mesh ID which indicates he is in the the heart of V-Sector. That section of the station is open to vacuum and is the home a large portion of robots. Not the run of the mill clanking masses, V-Sector is dedicated to living the synthetic life the right way.

The group gears up and gets ready to head out.

OOC: Most of this session was spent purchasing gear for the future.



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