Type: Bioware
Cost: Moderate, but included for free in all synthetic morphs and pods

Cybernetic brains are where the ego (or controlling AI) resides in synthmorphs and pods. Modeled on biological brains, cyberbrains have a holistic architecture and serve as the command node and central processing point for sensory input and decision-making. Only one ego or AI may “inhabit” a cyberbrain at a time; to accommodate extras, mesh inserts mesh inserts (p. 300) or a ghostrider module (p. 307) must be used. Since cyberbrains store memories digitally, they have the equivalent of mnemonic augmentation (p. 307). They also have a built-in puppet sock (p. 307) and may be remote-controlled, though this option
may be removed by those who value their security. Cyberbrains are vulnerable to cyberbrain hacking (p. 261) and other forms of electronic infiltration/attack. Cyberbrains come equipped with two or more pairs of external access jacks (p. 306), usually located at the base of the skull, which allow for direct wired connections.



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