Changes is a game that started out as a serrious Werewolf the Forsaken game and gradually morphed into a wild demented adventure through time and space. The game changes systems and setting as the character push the limits of what they can do (and as the storyteller gets bored).

WoD: Werewolf the Forsaken
This is where out adventure began during the modern age in Colorado. A pack is newly formed from the remains of two packs that were decimated by a war to put down a major spiritual incursion and to re-capture most of the rocky mountains.
In the pack’s quests and journeys they find a cave which they come to believe is the final resting place of the one and true father wolf. It is soon revealed that the tomb has a curse upon it. And the curse manifests as whatever evil belief the first people it encounters fear.
In this case it is zombies. And soon the near by city is overrun by the dead. This culminates when the pack decides to destroy the spirit that is spreading this curse (or at least responsible for its spread). In the final battle on of the pack falls into the “grave of father wolf”, a pillar of light in the spirit world and the rest of the pack follows him in.
As they plummet they disolve to nothingness until they hear a voice. A man appears before them, a man who had given them vague assistance before, and shows them how to re-make their bodies with just their minds.

WoD: Changing Breeds
When the characters next awaken they find themselves in the far reaches of the past. Meeting people who appear to be from the Roman empire, but who speak English. They also find that they are no longer werewolves (properly speaking) and are instead a wererhino, werewolverine, wereeagle, and werepanther. The ally themselves with the “Romans” to fend off the rampaging Karnhim (creatures not unlike werewolves themselves). As they battle they are hunted down by the Karnhim’s huntmaster and chased to the city of ’Ondon" it is there that they learn the truth. They are not in the past at all, but in the future…perhaps 400 years after the ravages of the zombie apocalypse they started.

WoD: Mage the Ascention
It is at this time that they abandon the army and opt to explore the world. They find that they are in Britain and head for mainland Europe. They encounter several bizarre “natural phenomenon” and learn that magic is alive and ruling the world again. Though they are still oddly cut off from the spirit world.
They meet a monk named Drussus and he tells them he is a disciple of Motikai, the old man who helped them many years ago. He explains his order spans the world and has waited for their return. Drussus believes that if he can teach them the gnosis then they can return to their time and improve the world.
He proceeds to teach them the gnosis.

Warhammer 40k: Only War
The characters find themselves on a distant and obviously alien planet. They find that both their ability to shape themselves and the world are either gone or GREATLY diminished. Add to this they have no true recollection of how they got to where they are. They last remember learning the gnosis and then ‘bam!’ They also learn that they are missing a companion.
They soon meet a prospector who explains to them that they are far from earth (they assume based on the alien worlds in the sky) and far in the future (based on the technology in hand).
He helps the trio on their way to the nearest city, River Source. Once there they get a room and start trouble. They soon flee Riversource and join the employ of an enigmatic man called Ulrick.
Ulrick tells them he knows were their fried is and many other things they want to hear. In exchange for his help he asks to study their blood for traces of pure unaltered gene-seed. They agree.
They leave Ulricks ship to obtain their companion only to find that he was sold to a man matching Ulrick’s first mates description. Shortly after Ulrick’s ship opens fire on them from orbit and they narrowly escape using the few magics left to them to open a portal several miles away.

But in doing so they draw the attention of a powerful demon bent on possessing them…

Out of Body - Out of Time

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