Out of Body - Out of Time

Escape from where-ever the hell we are! (Or a frustratingly slow walk to freedom!)

Fought way off ship to Tekla’s shuttle and lost most companions along the way.

Third time was the charm!

Finished the fight and defeated the foes. In the course of the fight the PCs learned that enemies who explode can set off other enemies too explode which can make a fight very deadly even if you are winning. Met up with the remaining “Blues”. Now they need to figure out how to get off the ship.

Plan B: Not just for the morning after.

Started the fight and killed Mallivar and three of his men before being forced to retreat into the “cell suite” again.

He's OUR icecube!

Group followed a donkey trail out of the bombarded valley in search of civilization. After marching three days they finally found a goat to eat and just started eating when they were ambushed.
The ambushers shot Pathbreaker (not fatally despite best efforts) and disarmed the troop. A group of 25 well armed and armored soldiers emerge from the darkness led by a man in power armor named “Elias”. He questions them and then takes them aboard his ship after they promise not to hurt his crew.
They enter orbit and exchange dialogue with Ulrik but shortly Elias cuts in and demands to speak to his sister Tekla. She answers and they talk about the characters. Midway through the conversation she begins to fire on his ship. He launches boarding parties and the PCs go along.

They track Ardent Thunder’s location from some medical records to Ulrick’s quarters. They get there and find it heavily defended by Malivar. While Pathbreaker and Death Wolverine enter the room through a psychic portal, Shadow Tooth sneaks up on Maivar and attacks him with psychic powers and swords. After Malivar is 1/2 dead PB and DW emerge from the quarters to attack.

Bad Demons!

Group fought and killed the demon and his demonic hounds. Pathbreaker avoided possession, but was left with a mark on his body and his soul.

Thunder Down (or No Demon, my soul is full!)

The group headed out to save Ardent thunder. They easily killed the blues and destroyed their compound (grenades in a weak building are a bad idea). Pathbreaker questioned one of the survivors and learned that Ardent Thunder was sold “weeks ago” to a large cybernetic man name “Malvolio, Moriva, Monstiva‚Ķ” before Pathbreaker shot the man dead.

After killing the remaining guards there was a bright light from the sky and the town was bombarded from orbit. They tried to escape on the guards pick up truck but crashed into a ditch. They then popped smoke and received a communication from Ulrik. He indicated he was relieved to see them alive and that he had reports of xenos in the area. He indicated he was sending in transport then the calms cut out. Moments later the ship started firing again.

Pathbreaker used his “moon bridge” power and pushed it to 10. The group went through it and was safe, however a demon emerged from the portal and announced that Pathbreaker’s soul would be his.

For Hire

Group escaped the ‘Ments and met a man offering them work.
He took them on the train from Riversource to Hive Port in a very fancy car.
His name was Mallivar, he explains he is an ex-imperial guardsman.
His employer is Ulric a large bald man, who could be Mallivar’s brother. Ulric has a female companion named Marteena. **
Ulric cuts through the bull and calls out the players as time travelers.
He shows them a book “The life and times of Drusus Akamian”.
He also shows them the location of Ardent Thunder. Held by Blues in a remote town. *


Players crash land on a planet. Not in a ship, but as 3 individuals. They soon find each other but Ardent Thunder is missing. A nice old prospector helps them and explains they are not on earth and that this is not when they think it is…it is the 40,000!

The group heads to a near by city and gets in a fight with the local peace keepers called the ’Ments.

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