Out of Body - Out of Time

New Jobs.
(Or...Not Janitors)

They call this a sleeve, a morph, a body. A physical form for an insubstantial mind.

And at what costs? They tell me “it’s free”. And I just owe them a favor. Favors can be worse than price tags.

The group was digitized and sent across space into new flesh (altered carbon). Each received a new body, but only two of them took to their new form in a good way.

Pathbreaker (or should we call him Zacheaus Middlewater?) was sleeved into a four foot tall parrot. The body was difficult to adjust to even before you start considering the myriad of enhanced senses flooding the Ego’s perception.

Ardent Thunder (or Chet Rifkin) was sleeved into an olymic athlete’s body with a suite of built in combat tools.

Shadow Tooth (aka Gordon Bane) was sleeved into a Ghost morph. A combat assassin made for infiltration and special operations. Unfortunately, something was wrong with the body. It didn’t work the way it was supposed to.

Death Wolverine (or Randolph Scott) had a pretty big adjustment to make. A Fury is a morph built for one thing, combat. But to weed out excessive aggression, they are phenotype’d as female. So now he has boobs and an intricate pattern of face tattoo. But the body preforms as advertised.

They met their new comrade Michael Santoria. He explains how life is now.

“You are aboard the D.O.G. (Deep Observation Galleon). This ship was built to be an interstellar colonization and research vessel, but during the fall it was converted into a life raft.

Seeing as the United States of America no longer exists, we dropped the U.S.S. and became a self-sufficient commune. You don’t have a job. I’m not your boss. You don’t get paid. What you have is a responsibility and a debt. Everyone on this ship helps out, not helping means we all die a slow painful death. And your debt isn’t too me, but to my former teammates whose bodies you now wear. Honor it by keeping it alive and healthy and carrying on the good works they did.

We are a go-between for the captain and the rest of the ship. She owns the ship, but not the people on it. But without her, the ship falls apart and the people die. And lately, someone has been challenging our little society. A criminal by the name of Emil Stefansson has organized a criminal syndicate on the D.O.G. They go by the Night Cartel.

On most places they steal identities, bodies, make illicit copies of people, etc. And they do that here too, but worse than that they are bringing in a type of crime the DOG can ill-afford and that is organization and government. The Night Cartel is a hierarchy and to grow they have to instill that on the people around them. That is something I am damned-well going to oppose. Out here, there is no room for someone else telling you how you should live.

We met with Ramone Osorio a criminal low life who hates the Night Cartel for pushing him out of his home turf. And he put us onto a way to solve this little problem, we are going to remove Emil Stefansson from the picture. Without him the Night Cartel will fall apart as an organization. The main issue is that Emil likely has “off site” storage. Which means if we just shot him, his consciousness will be downloaded and come back eventually in a new body. To prevent this we had to get a signal jammer, it’s illegal so I couldn’t just borrow one from somebody.

So instead we (Chet Rifkin,Michael Santoria, and Randolph Scott) broke into one of the Night Cartel’s warehouses and stole one. It has a range of 100 yards and can’t be moved once set up, but this gives us a chance to end this threat.

Now we need two things: 1) a plan on how to ambush this guy and 2) some idea of what to do with his stack after we have it. Questions?"

Reality Bites
It was all a silicone dream.

God damn it all.

It was all an illusion. A shiny, powerful, ugly illusion.

Why the hell would they make a program like that? Werewolves? Spirits? Demons? Aliens? Magic? How in the hell was that ever supposed to prepare us for the real world?

Morakai and Drusus were real enough. A eastern European octopus and a south Texas Bonobo. Maybe the spirit shit made some sense.

Jeff too, I guess. All powerful lord of the undead janitor.

So what were the options? Go back into VR like (they say) we opted to do before? Stay in the real world and be bored to death sitting like a paper weight on someone’s desk? First goal. Get a body…

So they are going to put us back in VR. Run the program. “FInd out what we are” as they say, maybe who we are. And they say they will put our skills out on the Mesh. See if anyone needs a group of dysfunctional semi-psychotic misfits. It’ll be a hell of a wait in VR.

A plan forms

The pack meets with Jannick and has a no holds barred conversation about how to deal with the Necron Invasion.

Jannick plans to split his forces. The pack will take a handful of ships to the center of the galaxy to free Groktheron’s patron. And the Maros will rally the defenses of the system against the attack.

In order to reach the center of the galaxy the pack must do the following…

1) Win control of the Maro family so that Jannick can enforce the plan.
2) They need to leverage a space marine legion to back their passage through the Calixis sector past the Inquisition.
3) Once past the Inquisition they need to find and use the warp passage to Jerhicho Reach.
4) They need to survive and navigate the warzone of Jericho Reach to reach the resting place of Groktheron’s patron.

Awakening the Swarm

The 60km moon was actually a massive xeno dreadnaught ship. The players boarded and explored it. They found two corpses on board, one a duargar (an extinct dwarf-like race) and the other a vampire they knew named Jeff.
They revive Jeff and ask him what has been going on. After some time Jeff makes an escape and activates the Chystal Pedistal on the ship. Several Necrons emerge from the wall, the players join the fight about 1/2 way through. Jeff falls but the players win.
Pathbreaker preforms a ritual and determines there is only one ‘foe’ on the ship. They head for it, dismissing the call eminating from the green light around the crystal.
They meet the Necronlord and discuss many things. At one point he is about to dismiss them (or kill them) and someone says something that catches his interest. He clarifies a few points and then offers to refuel their ship in thanks.
Once the ship is fueled, they pack watches 6 more dreadnaughts “blink” into existence. Then they all split into pillars and start heading out of the system.
They report back to Janick and he asks them to follow the fleet in the new ship. They do and learn from the green monster that there is a spirit they must free from the Chrystal prison. It is called Grocktheron.
They players free Grocktheron and he gives them great power…which they loose shortly after escaping as the spirit uses much of its power to save Ardent Thunder

Clean up and move on.

PC cleans station of taint and recover fetish weapons.
PCs go off to explore nearest star in Halo system and find a lone ship the size of a small moon (60 km long).

Station 10296.83

The characters investigate the station and find 4 tech priests and an Eldar.
They are working with large machinery that creates green lightning and tears in the warp.
The Eldar explains that he owes a boon to the captain of the “Shadow Tooth” and that “This One” is the current captain.
The tech priests explain that they are “The Children of Drusus”.
The CoD are an organization of people who do not believe imperial doctrine and that advancement comes from experimentation (not finding stuff).
The group decides to let the CoD teleport the station along with the Shadow Tooth and the Drusus Vigil.
They emerge in the Halo Star cluster.
They let 3 of the tech priest go and the Eldar teleports away after learning the PCs were from earth before the “thickening”.
The Eldar spoke of the warp as “spirit roads”.
The PCs bring an injured tech priest back and report they could not stop the machine or risk destroying all.
Jannick tells them to find the missing crew of the ship on the station.

Imprisoned, Tried, and Free at last!

The character surrender to the new alliance of the Blues and the Pontain Confederation.
They are removed to a remote world and tested and imprisoned.
The prison time lasts weeks, but the characters are free from harassment.
While they are imprisoned Elias is defending himself (and by extension them) at a trial.
This goes on and on until the Maro family comes in system to free Elias.
The group escapes and rejoins the family.
Elias swears to serve/back Jannik.
Jannik chooses the space station as his ‘orbital body’.

I will have your gene-seed!

Ardent Thunder, Shadow Tooth, and Death Wolverine (with 20 soldiers) battled waves of soldiers at a choke point. Eventually a pack of demons closed in on them. At this point the party is joined by Pathbreaker via warpgate. He tells them the ship’s guns are down, so he could be of no more help on the bridge.
After the demons are defeated the battle was joined by Tekla, Mallivar Reborn, and Ulrick as they teleported into the room.
Tekla still looked like a prisoner, but was not bound.
Ulrick was wearing black and red power armor and was using a nasty looking bolter and a power sword. (Fear 1)
Mallivar Rebord was a massive death machine somewhere between organic and machine, and a fiercely twisted amalgam built to kill. (Fear 3)
They demanded the party surrender and join the gods of chaos or they would die.
The party refuse and join battle.
Everyone overcame the fear from Ulrick, but Shadow Tooth, Pathbreaker, and Ardent Thunder all succumb to fear from Malivar Reborn. Death Wolvering and Shadow Tooth kill Ulrick. Tekla goes crazy and unleashes psychic powers (Pushed to level 9). Mallivar is killed by Death Wolverine. Tekla is killed by Shadow Tooth.
The are summoned to the bridge where Elias indicates the ship is surrounded and crippled and that they are being told to surrender. Elias wants to know what the PC’s plan of action is.

A dinner party, for us?

Party was given several options of who to join with. In the end they decided the stark honesty of Elias was the most preferable person to align with.
As the Drusus Vigil made its way out of system it came under attack by the Blues, Pontains, AND Tekla’s ship.
They are brought to Elias’s armory and given free range to arm themselves. Pathbreaker stays with Elias to help defend the ship…the rest go to repel boarders.

He's melting!

Ardent Thunder thawed and was brought up to date.
Tekla and Elias had a reckoning. Tekla was protected by “family law” and Elias acknowledged that he would have to help her, but did not say when he would do it.
The group were found out as renegade psychers and were given a choice to join the imperium with limited future options or to be dropped off on the next planet.
Group submitted to bio-tests to ensure they were not xenos. Tests will be able to confirm their Gene-seed. Tests will find them out in 2 days. It will be 5 days before they reach port.
They opted to be dropped off.
Tekla and Death Wolverine have a tacit understanding that if they joined with her she would help them if they helped her.


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