"The Artifact"


The Artifact is a roughly conical shaped metallic small object reminiscent of a missiles’ warhead. It is approximately 2 feel long and 8 inches at its based.

On the surface it appears to be made of a black-gunmetal material of unknown molecular origin. Between the surface plates there are recesses that pulse with a faint green light. Some of these recesses appear to form arcane shapes and symbols. Nothing that can be identified as writing, but leaves an impression of being alien script.

It emits no radiation, tests negative for any known explosive components, and has a constant low energy signature (much like a car battery).

Mesh searches have revealed similar objects appearing from time to time and warns that they are of TITAN origin. As such it is believed to be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!


This object was found hidden aboard Star Miner Seven and appears to have driven members of that ship insane (and caused the rest to become so paranoid that they murdered each other).

"The Artifact"

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