Gordon Bane

Don't worry about me. I'm not even here.


The body of an athlete, a ninja really. Slight Asian features modeled after a 20th century idea of a 17th century assassin. Chameleon-chrome skin, gecko-grip-pads, a heightened adrenal system. A combat assassin, built for the after-fall world.

The only ‘flaw’ is a heavily armored cybernetic right arm. It is a sleek device though, no crackles or whirs, no ticks or electrical hum. The best prosthetic that money can buy.


Reputation Testimonials

Mikael Santoria: Worked hard. Never asked for more than he needed. Always willing to share. Great anarchist.

Ramone Osorio: Always willing to help out. Gets things you need done discretely.

Gordon Bane

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