Chet Rifkin

It's so easy, a caveman could do it.


Adonis would be so lucky.

His body is impeccable. A 6’4" Norse god. Built of the best nano-fiber muscle and sinew. He towers over others and they thank him for the privilege of his shade. Good looks. Athletic Frame. He might as well have stamped “THOR” across his back…but in fact, it’s a tattoo, not a stamp.


Reputation Testimonials

Mikael Santoria: Very reliable. He helped me for as long as he could. I really appreciated that he was always there.

Emil Stefansson: We may not have always seen eye to eye. But his ability to be realistic and flexible should be admired.

Toli Barrenechea: He saved my ass. I owe him a lot.

Chet Rifkin

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