Out of Body - Out of Time

The Plan

Day 4
Chet RifkinMikael Santoria

M.C. Carnage stands at the edge of the combat cage. A dome of steel hexagons. One part Thunder-dome and one part old school playground equipment. He eyes both fighters and the cheap synth vo-corder utters a word.


Carnage steps out of the combat cage and the heavy steel door is locked in place.

Chet Rifkin and Mikael Santoria watch from the box set up for them. Maybe their host thought it would be a good place for them to watch Randolph suffer.

Ramone Osorio and Gordon Bane work as Ranolph’s corner men. But in a fight like this, that just means running a few checks before the fight and standing well back for the duration.

Zacheaus Middlewater sits a top the combat cage. In the dim light of the club, the presence of the large avian is like an omen of doom sent by ancient gods to judge the fighters.


At the words. The Freak Fights launch into full swing. Randolph Scott has the speed, but Mangler is covered in armor and his metal fists swing with an audible “whoomp”, like a miniature sonic boom.

The fight stretched out. Randolph is clearly the better fighter, but all of his blows end up denting steel (at best). And in the drawn out melee Mangler manages to get a few hits in.

To tip the balance back to Randolph, Mikael borrows a sword from a patron and tosses it into the cage. The crowd geers and boos. They wanted to see Randolph beaten, but now that he is armed the fight takes a wholly different turn. It’s over in about 5 minutes. A dismembered Mangler on the floor.

After the fight Zach and Gordon take Randolph home. Mikael delivers the sword back to its owner along with a piece of Manglers shell. Chet, however, spots a group of Night Cartel men beating a young man. As he gets closer to the fray, Chet realized that he knows the young mas as Toli Barrenechea. Chet moves to intervene when one of the thugs gets in his way. There is a face off and some glowers, and then something very disturbing happens…



You can live in VR. Fight in VR. Do everything you like in VR. And while you have “emotions” the concept is so alien from those experienced in reality. Coming out of cover in VR is a calculation. A measuring of odds and making an informed guess to the level of danger. The fear is in making a mistake of math. Facing down this thug in a body that feels for real is very different.

Guts clench.

Fists flex.

Fight or flight.

No math here.

Chet, Adrent Thunder, Wererhino, destroyer of the necrons is scared of a thug in a bar. He backs down to the weight of impending pain…to the weight of the real.

Mikael joins Chet and instead of fighting offers some insight “He might have learned his lesson, but he won’t learn any respect if he is dead” (or something like that). And the thug sees the sense in it. The beat down stops.

Chet and Mikael take the unconscious boy to Remi Brouhard. He looks over the boy (no tech to speak of) and suggests they put in some medichines. It’s not hard, he has some second hand ones around the shop somewhere. And Remi offers to watch over the boy.

Chet and Mikael go back home. They meet up with Zach and the three plot out the plan to kill Emil Stefansson. It’ll take 2 days for Randolph to heal. That gives them 2 days to get everything in order.



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