Out of Body - Out of Time

Rise of the Ninja

Who are you and where am I?


It’s a simple word.

You remember waking up in the tank you felt a slight tremor in your left hand

…and then the lights and the noise. The press of bodies. It was like that time you got shot in Afganistan just before your first change…

No. That wasn’t real…was it?

Trauma. Medic. Doctors…You are in a hospital, there are people (things) and machines (robots) working on you. The only word you make out or remember is…


Then you are in a bed. A paper thin gown over you and cold metal resting against your side. You move your arm to push it away, but at the same moment the metal moves. You freeze. Is it a robot? A killer Necron? Your eyes drift down and to the right to find the metal…no, it’s something else…it’s my arm.

At that moment a tall man with nordic features walks in and smiles sheepishly.

Shadow Tooth?

The asian man on the bed makes a quizical expression. “Yes?”

The norse man smiles and shakes his head derisively.

Why is everyone so unsure about who they are? It’s me, Ardent Thunder.

And any tension bleeds out of the room. They talk about how they look, and where they are. They head back to the apartment and find Gordon Bane’s room. Inside is a four armed serpent robot, he is given the name Slithers. As they settle in to eat a man walks into the apartment. They exchange greetings and find out that he is Remi Brouhard an ex-patriot of Luna come to the D.O.G. to expand on what morphs can do.

After some rest he gives the pair a tour of his plant. And shows them the morph designs he is working on, a measure of trust extended to them as he indicates secrecy is important. Two of the morph designs are fairly novel. A “digger” which he says will change how everyone things about High-G worlds. And a “scrounger” which is a pod based on alien physiology, ideal for Gatecrashers…in an attempt to clarify some information, Gordon gives Remi an idea about how to improve the morph. Remi pulls up the rep lists and gives Gordon a positive tick and briefly explains how Rep works.

The last morph is his master piece, Saline, by all outward appearances just a pretty face. And one Remi Brouhard is entirely infatuated with.

The pair head back to leave Remi to his fantasy.



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