Out of Body - Out of Time

Good Morning D.O.G.

What do you do, when everything is provided for?

Chet Rifkin wakes. The static hum of the servitor drone fills the air. It’s a low hum, ever present, faintly soothing like a fan. It’s eye spins around its circular body to face Chet.

<font=blue>"Good morning, sir. May I fix you breakfast?"</font=blue>

The word pop up in his HUD (heads up display) as the drone communicates with him silently. The thing is cheap by all indications Chet can make. It doesn’t even have a vocal system.

Nodding absently to the drone, Chet heads to the door. An image of Michael Santoria shows on a 2D holo display.

“Chet, I’m heading out for a few hours. There were some anomaly’s in those port side power readings I want to look into. Make sure there isn’t a back up facility hidden in that mess. You and Randolf should lay low and take it easy. Nothings going to go down today.”

Chet runs a hand through greasy hair, when was the last time this sleeve was washed? And steps into the living space. Next to the maker is a pen and paper note with crude hand writing.

I went out.
Randolph Scott

At least he left a note.

After eating some eggs and getting dressed Chet decides to explore the ship. So what does one do on a space ship. First Chet heads to the bridge, but is turned away by an AI (or was it an AGI). Next he heads to the AFT, all shops and industry, and no money to shop with. Then Starboard and he gets his first real wake up call.

Unlike their living quarters and the AFT, which spin at a slightly nauseating .2 G, the starboard side spins at something more like earth norm. The airlock opens up to what he first mistakes for a suburban brownstone neighborhood. The tightly packed buildings are clean and the blue sky over head…


…a sky in space?

His neurachem comes on line with his curiosity and his vision zooms in, a moment later he has it. He can see through the illusion to the holographic projectors. But really, it’s a nice effect. It makes the place seem open and safe, not like the claustrophobic metal terror of the port side.

He walks the streets (hallways) and gets a sense of the area. This is a respectable place, people look out for their own and while no one is hostile, everyone is vigilant. All in all, not a bad place to live.

Boredom more than anything makes him head Port side.

Coming from Starboard there is no other way to see it. Port side is a slum. The smell of smoke, cooking meat, the armed gangs marking space. If starboard is the suburbs, port side is a city. There is life here…and death.

He walks along for a while when he realized he is being followed…and poorly. The kid is maybe 20. He wears some gang colors, but is walking alone. They talk. The kid wants to be tough, claims to be in the Night Cartel, wants to recruit Chet. Chet politely declines without ever saying no. They talk politics, they talk life. The kid is naive, foolish, and probably on his first body. The kid is Toli Barrenechea, and he seems like an okay sort.

But he splits as Chet gets a call. The ninja is awake, and they want someone to get him.



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