Out of Body - Out of Time

Exploring Extropia

Attended: Chris and Luc

Attended: Luc and Dukes

The players made their way to Extropia. Chet and Gordon explored the “incoming hub”, while the VespaWon was the only ship in port there is a bustling Ego-Casting trade. The hub is packed with sleeving facilities and people exiting buildings in newly decanted morphs, many showing the signs of alienation from a body they aren’t comfortable with.
Because there are few people bringing in physical goods, there is little security. A lone Reaper drone processes the pair scanning their ego patterns into the city’s records and examining the “tainted” cortical stacks Chet carries. But a warning to “take care with what you do with those” is all the restriction they face.
They didn’t spend a lot of time seeing the sights. They headed straight to the headquarters of Veridian Dynamics. They entered and found a bare white space. Aside from the entrance, the only other door is small door in the back of the room. As they walked in further the room populated with scenes of windswept dunes, towering rainforests, pristine meadows, and swirling oceanic depths. Veronica Palmer materializes as a 3D hologram standing before them and seems surprised to see them.
After some preliminary discussion they learned that their contract with Veridian would leave them at least 2 weeks between jobs (and possibly longer). But she left with the impression they might be willing to hear offers for more work.
After some time the topic of the artifact comes up (ooc: I do not recall how it came about)) and she expresses interest in it. When pressed for why Veridian Dynamics would want it, she indicates coyly that the company would only want to do what is right and destroy the artifact but says it in such a way that one is left thinking the opposite. However, Chet believes that Veronica genuinely wants to destroy the thing and has no idea why she would say it so obtusely.
They return to the ship and she materializes as a hologram there. She examines the artifact and determines that it is of interest. They negotiate with middling success and agree on a fee of 340,000 credits and several bumps to their rep scores (+5 @rep and c-rep). All they have to do is get the item to Veridian HQ.
It takes the team a while, but they eventually order a 3’x’3x4’ sealed metal box plan and craft it around the artifact (which is still in the Feraday cage). They walk through security again and get little more inspection than the last time around.
They deliver the crate and are compensated. Veronica offers them any of Veridian’s technology at a 10% discount if they wish to spend their earnings. They shop the e-catalogues for a while when a Russian man enters and asks them about the artifact. He mentions something called an “X-threat” neither Chet or Gordon show much interest. His last piece of advice is that they should invest in plans and not hardware. He leaves before long cutting through the locked back door with a plasma torch. The man clearly seems motivated to find the artifact and destroy it.

Chet was thinking about purchasing a robotic octopus morph.
Gordon was pretty set on getting another Ghost morph with special combat adaptations.

((Next session will only have 30 minute for “gear” stuff. If we run out of time you get the stripped down models of the morphs you want.))



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