Out of Body - Out of Time

Day 5...or not. (Relaunch)

Dan and Luc

The time has come. The plans are laid and the last step is to do a back-up in case things go horribly wrong.

And that is the last thing you recall.

Until now.

There is a gasp followed by choking and coughing.

You see a grated floor with a drain pan about 6 inches beneath it. You look left and see stark white walls. And a set of cylinders with large block numbers stenciled into place. You look right and see another person, nude, on the floor, coughing up brackish green goo.

“Who are you?”

Your own voice is raspy and you have to repeat yourself.

Soon both men determine that they are Zacheaus Middlewater and Chet Rifkin.

They get showered and have an interesting exchange with a futuristic grooming system. But in the end they are dressed and ready to see where they are.

That is when they run into their next surprise. The door opens and floating in front of them is a 3 foot high baboon. The baboon leads them to a large room with a display screen on the wall.

“Welcome to ”/characters/veridian-dynamics" class=“wiki-content-link”>Veridian Dynamics."

A short video plays.

As the video concludes Veronica Palmer comes back in a live feed. She explains the situation to you.

You have a wonderful opertunity to join the Veridian Dynamics family and it would be a shame to squander that. By volunteering to join up you can earn all kinds of wonderful incentives, like bodies for you friends.

Zach and Chet agree to join up. And she exclaims that they should make excellent subcontracted pirates. Before she goes she explains that the baboon is named Mojo and to not be fooled, he understands english.

The work is asteroid theft. They go to a marked asteroid and “take care of” the existing claim marker and then move the asteroid to a place where Veridian can find it.

Chet and Zach take on the task and find they are pretty good at it.

The have a slight scare with an Asteroid Mining Barge (AMB) named Star Miner Seven, captained by Captain Jim. But when the miner becomes clear that they aren’t going to rob him, and they become clear that it can’t catch up to them the crews have a brief chat.

Scans reveal that Star Miner Seven has a crew of 22 and is empty of cargo.

The discuss a handful of locations and ports of call, but Chet and Zach focus on Extropia the port of call and headquarters for Veridian dynamics. They set course and it’ll take a couple days to get there.



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