Out of Body - Out of Time

6 Days to Extropia

*static*...tar Miner Seven declaring an emergenc…*static*

Veronica calls the group into a meeting and shows them the cornicopia machine (CM) and explains how any nano-creation machine requires a blueprint. She further points out that blueprints can be bought, traded, found in the mesh, or created by you. She then presents a list of items that the ship’s CM can make.

Tools (All)
Dis-assembly Tools
Vac Suits (Self-Healing)
Thruster Pack
Crash Suits (Fire Proof)
Emergency Bubble
Diamond Axe
Shock Baton
Medium Pistol
- Regular Ammo
- Hollow Point Ammo
Laser Pulser
- Batteries (Standard)
EMP Grenades

After making some guns and firing them out the airlock into space Chet Rifkin and Zacheaus Middlewater found a bald man with the number 2 etched into the base of his neck. The man explained that he was Gordon Bane. Chet and Zach brough Gordon to the “moustache machine” and Gordon gave himself a bright red Ronald McDonald Afro with a handlebar mustache and van dike.

Now that the crew was suitably attired they were ready for action. They set the CP to make bullets. Watch the intro video to the Veridian Dynamics. Registered the ship under the name VespaWon.

It was around this time that the ship notified them of a distress call.

static…tar Miner Seven declaring an emergenc…*static*

It wasn’t much to go on, but they were able to locate the source of the signal and moved in to investigate. En route Gordon Bane made a space suit and pistol for himself.

They arrived to find Star Miner Seven frozen in the midst of mining operations on an asteroid. A small automech was signalling S.O.S near the forward airlock. Chet and Zach jacked into reapers and moved in to investigate. They found the automech accompanied by a swarm of small robots that would form rudimentary ‘pictures’ trying to warn them away.

After confirming that there was someone alive on board Gordon suited up and brought tools to enter the ship. Once inside the automech and swarm went to the ship’s reactor flashing radiation signs. Gordon and Chet went to the bridge.

Captain Jim seemed confused and delusional. He accused them of trying to trick him and “wanting the artifact for themselves”. He also claimed they were working with Juan. After a few exchanges, they found out that Juan was the swarm of bots (a morph called a swarmoid) and he was going to try to blow up the ship. The captain had trapped Juan off ship and he was not going to leave the bridge to join the fate of his crew (and he wanted to go down with his ship). But soon the Jim passed out from blood loss.

Chet went to face Juan.

Gordon started cutting his way onto the bridge.

The combat was brief. A swarmoid isn’t a bot made for combat and a Reaper was. It took four shots from the Plasma gun and there was no sign of the Swarmoid and the automech was reduced to a hulk for good measure. Juan had tried to hack into the Reaper’s cyberbrain but Chet was able to counter the attempt. If he had failed, the results of the mission might have been very different indeed.

When Chet got back to the bridge Gordon had stabilized the captain and was putting him into a space suit.

When they got back to the VespaWon they found that Mojo had assembled a medical device called a Healing Vat. They put Captain Jim inside and prepared for when he woke up.



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