Out of Body - Out of Time

20 Souls Aboard

Present Characters: Chet Rifkin, Gordon Bane, and Zacheaus Middlewater

(Original draft lost so this is a very brief outline. I hate writing twice.)

Crew explores Star Miner Seven. They find 20 dead bodies. After an exhausting search they determine that most crew men killed themselves or each other. They determine the source of this behavior could be traced back to an ominous artifact.

The artifact appears to be of TITAN origin and “infected” 4 of the crew with madness. Subject Zero was Juan (the swarmoid), likely after a documented attempt to hack the artifact. From there it infected his girlfriend, best friend, and the crewman who maintained the ship’s robots. Due to this, it is determined that the “virus” is likely only communicable through close contact.

They recover the cortical stacks of all the crew and separate the infected from the uninfected. Chet begins to perform psychosugeory on Captain Jim and a few of the worst off crewmen to help ready them for reintegration. He determines it will take a week before Jim is functionally sane. It would take much longer to fix all the crewmen, but he can make sure some can operate in the near future.

Comment if I missed anything you felt was important.



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