Out of Body - Out of Time

The Russian
Chris and Luc

The group finishes their shopping spree.

Chet Rifkin and Gordon Bane abandon their old Hibernoid bodies. Chet opts for a Tako morph and Gordon decides to use a Ghost morph again. Both morphs are heavily modified for combat. They both merge with their new bodies and find the final adjustment difficult. (For the next 4 days the characters will be at -10 to all physical actions.)

Shortly after merging with their new bodies Veronica Palmer calls them in for a meeting. She is agitated and brusk with the pair. It appear a russian man has been following her team as it moves The Artifact around for study. But both get the sense she is actually lying and that they man is making it difficult to destroy the artifact.

She gives them the coordinates for the man’s Mesh ID which indicates he is in the the heart of V-Sector. That section of the station is open to vacuum and is the home a large portion of robots. Not the run of the mill clanking masses, V-Sector is dedicated to living the synthetic life the right way.

The group gears up and gets ready to head out.

OOC: Most of this session was spent purchasing gear for the future.

Exploring Extropia
Attended: Chris and Luc

Attended: Luc and Dukes

The players made their way to Extropia. Chet and Gordon explored the “incoming hub”, while the VespaWon was the only ship in port there is a bustling Ego-Casting trade. The hub is packed with sleeving facilities and people exiting buildings in newly decanted morphs, many showing the signs of alienation from a body they aren’t comfortable with.
Because there are few people bringing in physical goods, there is little security. A lone Reaper drone processes the pair scanning their ego patterns into the city’s records and examining the “tainted” cortical stacks Chet carries. But a warning to “take care with what you do with those” is all the restriction they face.
They didn’t spend a lot of time seeing the sights. They headed straight to the headquarters of Veridian Dynamics. They entered and found a bare white space. Aside from the entrance, the only other door is small door in the back of the room. As they walked in further the room populated with scenes of windswept dunes, towering rainforests, pristine meadows, and swirling oceanic depths. Veronica Palmer materializes as a 3D hologram standing before them and seems surprised to see them.
After some preliminary discussion they learned that their contract with Veridian would leave them at least 2 weeks between jobs (and possibly longer). But she left with the impression they might be willing to hear offers for more work.
After some time the topic of the artifact comes up (ooc: I do not recall how it came about)) and she expresses interest in it. When pressed for why Veridian Dynamics would want it, she indicates coyly that the company would only want to do what is right and destroy the artifact but says it in such a way that one is left thinking the opposite. However, Chet believes that Veronica genuinely wants to destroy the thing and has no idea why she would say it so obtusely.
They return to the ship and she materializes as a hologram there. She examines the artifact and determines that it is of interest. They negotiate with middling success and agree on a fee of 340,000 credits and several bumps to their rep scores (+5 @rep and c-rep). All they have to do is get the item to Veridian HQ.
It takes the team a while, but they eventually order a 3’x’3x4’ sealed metal box plan and craft it around the artifact (which is still in the Feraday cage). They walk through security again and get little more inspection than the last time around.
They deliver the crate and are compensated. Veronica offers them any of Veridian’s technology at a 10% discount if they wish to spend their earnings. They shop the e-catalogues for a while when a Russian man enters and asks them about the artifact. He mentions something called an “X-threat” neither Chet or Gordon show much interest. His last piece of advice is that they should invest in plans and not hardware. He leaves before long cutting through the locked back door with a plasma torch. The man clearly seems motivated to find the artifact and destroy it.

Chet was thinking about purchasing a robotic octopus morph.
Gordon was pretty set on getting another Ghost morph with special combat adaptations.

((Next session will only have 30 minute for “gear” stuff. If we run out of time you get the stripped down models of the morphs you want.))

Helpful Little Helpers
All (End of Story)

After helping Jim and a few of his crew back to sanity you send them on their way. As thanks they give you the following equipment plans.

Smartlink Plan
Automatic Rifle Plan
Homing Smart Ammo Plan
Repair Spray Plan

The also give you:
C-Rep +4
@-Rep +3
+3000 credits (1000 each for the active PCs)

All characters regardless of activity gain 7 Rez Points.

20 Souls Aboard

Present Characters: Chet Rifkin, Gordon Bane, and Zacheaus Middlewater

(Original draft lost so this is a very brief outline. I hate writing twice.)

Crew explores Star Miner Seven. They find 20 dead bodies. After an exhausting search they determine that most crew men killed themselves or each other. They determine the source of this behavior could be traced back to an ominous artifact.

The artifact appears to be of TITAN origin and “infected” 4 of the crew with madness. Subject Zero was Juan (the swarmoid), likely after a documented attempt to hack the artifact. From there it infected his girlfriend, best friend, and the crewman who maintained the ship’s robots. Due to this, it is determined that the “virus” is likely only communicable through close contact.

They recover the cortical stacks of all the crew and separate the infected from the uninfected. Chet begins to perform psychosugeory on Captain Jim and a few of the worst off crewmen to help ready them for reintegration. He determines it will take a week before Jim is functionally sane. It would take much longer to fix all the crewmen, but he can make sure some can operate in the near future.

Comment if I missed anything you felt was important.

6 Days to Extropia
*static*...tar Miner Seven declaring an emergenc…*static*

Veronica calls the group into a meeting and shows them the cornicopia machine (CM) and explains how any nano-creation machine requires a blueprint. She further points out that blueprints can be bought, traded, found in the mesh, or created by you. She then presents a list of items that the ship’s CM can make.

Tools (All)
Dis-assembly Tools
Vac Suits (Self-Healing)
Thruster Pack
Crash Suits (Fire Proof)
Emergency Bubble
Diamond Axe
Shock Baton
Medium Pistol
- Regular Ammo
- Hollow Point Ammo
Laser Pulser
- Batteries (Standard)
EMP Grenades

After making some guns and firing them out the airlock into space Chet Rifkin and Zacheaus Middlewater found a bald man with the number 2 etched into the base of his neck. The man explained that he was Gordon Bane. Chet and Zach brough Gordon to the “moustache machine” and Gordon gave himself a bright red Ronald McDonald Afro with a handlebar mustache and van dike.

Now that the crew was suitably attired they were ready for action. They set the CP to make bullets. Watch the intro video to the Veridian Dynamics. Registered the ship under the name VespaWon.

It was around this time that the ship notified them of a distress call.

static…tar Miner Seven declaring an emergenc…*static*

It wasn’t much to go on, but they were able to locate the source of the signal and moved in to investigate. En route Gordon Bane made a space suit and pistol for himself.

They arrived to find Star Miner Seven frozen in the midst of mining operations on an asteroid. A small automech was signalling S.O.S near the forward airlock. Chet and Zach jacked into reapers and moved in to investigate. They found the automech accompanied by a swarm of small robots that would form rudimentary ‘pictures’ trying to warn them away.

After confirming that there was someone alive on board Gordon suited up and brought tools to enter the ship. Once inside the automech and swarm went to the ship’s reactor flashing radiation signs. Gordon and Chet went to the bridge.

Captain Jim seemed confused and delusional. He accused them of trying to trick him and “wanting the artifact for themselves”. He also claimed they were working with Juan. After a few exchanges, they found out that Juan was the swarm of bots (a morph called a swarmoid) and he was going to try to blow up the ship. The captain had trapped Juan off ship and he was not going to leave the bridge to join the fate of his crew (and he wanted to go down with his ship). But soon the Jim passed out from blood loss.

Chet went to face Juan.

Gordon started cutting his way onto the bridge.

The combat was brief. A swarmoid isn’t a bot made for combat and a Reaper was. It took four shots from the Plasma gun and there was no sign of the Swarmoid and the automech was reduced to a hulk for good measure. Juan had tried to hack into the Reaper’s cyberbrain but Chet was able to counter the attempt. If he had failed, the results of the mission might have been very different indeed.

When Chet got back to the bridge Gordon had stabilized the captain and was putting him into a space suit.

When they got back to the VespaWon they found that Mojo had assembled a medical device called a Healing Vat. They put Captain Jim inside and prepared for when he woke up.

Day 5...or not. (Relaunch)
Dan and Luc

The time has come. The plans are laid and the last step is to do a back-up in case things go horribly wrong.

And that is the last thing you recall.

Until now.

There is a gasp followed by choking and coughing.

You see a grated floor with a drain pan about 6 inches beneath it. You look left and see stark white walls. And a set of cylinders with large block numbers stenciled into place. You look right and see another person, nude, on the floor, coughing up brackish green goo.

“Who are you?”

Your own voice is raspy and you have to repeat yourself.

Soon both men determine that they are Zacheaus Middlewater and Chet Rifkin.

They get showered and have an interesting exchange with a futuristic grooming system. But in the end they are dressed and ready to see where they are.

That is when they run into their next surprise. The door opens and floating in front of them is a 3 foot high baboon. The baboon leads them to a large room with a display screen on the wall.

“Welcome to ”/characters/veridian-dynamics" class=“wiki-content-link”>Veridian Dynamics."

A short video plays.

As the video concludes Veronica Palmer comes back in a live feed. She explains the situation to you.

You have a wonderful opertunity to join the Veridian Dynamics family and it would be a shame to squander that. By volunteering to join up you can earn all kinds of wonderful incentives, like bodies for you friends.

Zach and Chet agree to join up. And she exclaims that they should make excellent subcontracted pirates. Before she goes she explains that the baboon is named Mojo and to not be fooled, he understands english.

The work is asteroid theft. They go to a marked asteroid and “take care of” the existing claim marker and then move the asteroid to a place where Veridian can find it.

Chet and Zach take on the task and find they are pretty good at it.

The have a slight scare with an Asteroid Mining Barge (AMB) named Star Miner Seven, captained by Captain Jim. But when the miner becomes clear that they aren’t going to rob him, and they become clear that it can’t catch up to them the crews have a brief chat.

Scans reveal that Star Miner Seven has a crew of 22 and is empty of cargo.

The discuss a handful of locations and ports of call, but Chet and Zach focus on Extropia the port of call and headquarters for Veridian dynamics. They set course and it’ll take a couple days to get there.

The Plan

Day 4
Chet RifkinMikael Santoria

M.C. Carnage stands at the edge of the combat cage. A dome of steel hexagons. One part Thunder-dome and one part old school playground equipment. He eyes both fighters and the cheap synth vo-corder utters a word.


Carnage steps out of the combat cage and the heavy steel door is locked in place.

Chet Rifkin and Mikael Santoria watch from the box set up for them. Maybe their host thought it would be a good place for them to watch Randolph suffer.

Ramone Osorio and Gordon Bane work as Ranolph’s corner men. But in a fight like this, that just means running a few checks before the fight and standing well back for the duration.

Zacheaus Middlewater sits a top the combat cage. In the dim light of the club, the presence of the large avian is like an omen of doom sent by ancient gods to judge the fighters.


At the words. The Freak Fights launch into full swing. Randolph Scott has the speed, but Mangler is covered in armor and his metal fists swing with an audible “whoomp”, like a miniature sonic boom.

The fight stretched out. Randolph is clearly the better fighter, but all of his blows end up denting steel (at best). And in the drawn out melee Mangler manages to get a few hits in.

To tip the balance back to Randolph, Mikael borrows a sword from a patron and tosses it into the cage. The crowd geers and boos. They wanted to see Randolph beaten, but now that he is armed the fight takes a wholly different turn. It’s over in about 5 minutes. A dismembered Mangler on the floor.

After the fight Zach and Gordon take Randolph home. Mikael delivers the sword back to its owner along with a piece of Manglers shell. Chet, however, spots a group of Night Cartel men beating a young man. As he gets closer to the fray, Chet realized that he knows the young mas as Toli Barrenechea. Chet moves to intervene when one of the thugs gets in his way. There is a face off and some glowers, and then something very disturbing happens…



You can live in VR. Fight in VR. Do everything you like in VR. And while you have “emotions” the concept is so alien from those experienced in reality. Coming out of cover in VR is a calculation. A measuring of odds and making an informed guess to the level of danger. The fear is in making a mistake of math. Facing down this thug in a body that feels for real is very different.

Guts clench.

Fists flex.

Fight or flight.

No math here.

Chet, Adrent Thunder, Wererhino, destroyer of the necrons is scared of a thug in a bar. He backs down to the weight of impending pain…to the weight of the real.

Mikael joins Chet and instead of fighting offers some insight “He might have learned his lesson, but he won’t learn any respect if he is dead” (or something like that). And the thug sees the sense in it. The beat down stops.

Chet and Mikael take the unconscious boy to Remi Brouhard. He looks over the boy (no tech to speak of) and suggests they put in some medichines. It’s not hard, he has some second hand ones around the shop somewhere. And Remi offers to watch over the boy.

Chet and Mikael go back home. They meet up with Zach and the three plot out the plan to kill Emil Stefansson. It’ll take 2 days for Randolph to heal. That gives them 2 days to get everything in order.

Let's just get all the stupid parrot jokes out of the way.
(Or...Polly want a parody?)

Chet RifkinGordon BaneZacheaus Middlewater

Day 4…or that’s what this calendar in my eye is telling me. But when it says I only got three hours of sleep and I feel fully rested, it’s very difficult to believe it is counting time accurately. Maybe it runs slow when I am not looking? Maybe fast? So much has changed that it’s hard to know what is normal.

After all, we just went out and picked up a freaking parrot who we are told has the mind (soul) of our pack shaman. Maybe shaman’s a good word for these times. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, right? This cheese and cracker plate was made out of thin air (and not my excrement). At least that tastes right.

We went through our gear and got Zach caught up on the plan. Dealt with those nagging existential questions…

Why are we here? Ships captain needed non-police police types.
What is the purpose of life? To help a commune of anarchists enforce free will, by killing a man who opposes their goal…with absolutely no sense of irony.

That brought us to the FREAK FIGHTS.

We were just out scanning for a place to hit Emil Stefansson, but then we found his bar. The Retched Hangover. A scummy den of thieves and inequity, and as we waited to get in a synth by the name of M.C. Carnage put us at the front of the line.

He even gives us the tour. Explains how the Hangover’s scummy decrepit front is just a style choice. How rust-chic is the big style on the DOG this year. And he tells us the “code”. Combat in the flesh. No XP. No VR. Not even cameras. If you want to see the Freak Fights, then you come in the flesh.

Turns out we were a step behind. While Ardent Thunder was busy playing Rehab with Gordon Bane and Zacheaus Middlewater. Randolph Scott and Michael Santoria enlisted the help of Ramone Osorio to form a plan on how to ambush Emil.

Phase 1: Randolph uses his sleeve’s former owner notoriety on the DOG and enters the Freak Fights. Seems a lot of people are willing to pay to see good ole Tori the Traitor bleed. But as a nominally human participant Randolf needed a schtick, something to make the Freak Fight crowds take notice. To that end, nature and his own masculine insights provided a solution…just get naked.

Phase 2: Win fights. Not just win them. Make them decisive. Show he was ready for a bigger challenge than an uplifted pig or an combat AGI shunted into a pleasure pod. Make the case for a championship fight with Tito the reigning Freak.

Phase 3: When Randolf vs. Tito comes about (think King Kong but where the blond can murder the monkey) the time will be right to kill Emil. Emil will have to attend in person, one of his close guards will be in the ring. The other will possible by busy managing the Hangover. Emil will be open and vulnerable. The jammer can be set up without interfering with any transmissions to give away the plan. It will go off like clockwork, if…

…If Roland can win against the curve ball they threw him tonight. Apparently, trying to make a case for a tougher fight worked. Tonight, Randolph Scott faces off with Mangler. Will a cybered out chassis be enough to compete with a bruiser covered in steel? The crowd is hungry to know!

Rise of the Ninja
Who are you and where am I?


It’s a simple word.

You remember waking up in the tank you felt a slight tremor in your left hand

…and then the lights and the noise. The press of bodies. It was like that time you got shot in Afganistan just before your first change…

No. That wasn’t real…was it?

Trauma. Medic. Doctors…You are in a hospital, there are people (things) and machines (robots) working on you. The only word you make out or remember is…


Then you are in a bed. A paper thin gown over you and cold metal resting against your side. You move your arm to push it away, but at the same moment the metal moves. You freeze. Is it a robot? A killer Necron? Your eyes drift down and to the right to find the metal…no, it’s something else…it’s my arm.

At that moment a tall man with nordic features walks in and smiles sheepishly.

Shadow Tooth?

The asian man on the bed makes a quizical expression. “Yes?”

The norse man smiles and shakes his head derisively.

Why is everyone so unsure about who they are? It’s me, Ardent Thunder.

And any tension bleeds out of the room. They talk about how they look, and where they are. They head back to the apartment and find Gordon Bane’s room. Inside is a four armed serpent robot, he is given the name Slithers. As they settle in to eat a man walks into the apartment. They exchange greetings and find out that he is Remi Brouhard an ex-patriot of Luna come to the D.O.G. to expand on what morphs can do.

After some rest he gives the pair a tour of his plant. And shows them the morph designs he is working on, a measure of trust extended to them as he indicates secrecy is important. Two of the morph designs are fairly novel. A “digger” which he says will change how everyone things about High-G worlds. And a “scrounger” which is a pod based on alien physiology, ideal for Gatecrashers…in an attempt to clarify some information, Gordon gives Remi an idea about how to improve the morph. Remi pulls up the rep lists and gives Gordon a positive tick and briefly explains how Rep works.

The last morph is his master piece, Saline, by all outward appearances just a pretty face. And one Remi Brouhard is entirely infatuated with.

The pair head back to leave Remi to his fantasy.

Good Morning D.O.G.
What do you do, when everything is provided for?

Chet Rifkin wakes. The static hum of the servitor drone fills the air. It’s a low hum, ever present, faintly soothing like a fan. It’s eye spins around its circular body to face Chet.

<font=blue>"Good morning, sir. May I fix you breakfast?"</font=blue>

The word pop up in his HUD (heads up display) as the drone communicates with him silently. The thing is cheap by all indications Chet can make. It doesn’t even have a vocal system.

Nodding absently to the drone, Chet heads to the door. An image of Michael Santoria shows on a 2D holo display.

“Chet, I’m heading out for a few hours. There were some anomaly’s in those port side power readings I want to look into. Make sure there isn’t a back up facility hidden in that mess. You and Randolf should lay low and take it easy. Nothings going to go down today.”

Chet runs a hand through greasy hair, when was the last time this sleeve was washed? And steps into the living space. Next to the maker is a pen and paper note with crude hand writing.

I went out.
Randolph Scott

At least he left a note.

After eating some eggs and getting dressed Chet decides to explore the ship. So what does one do on a space ship. First Chet heads to the bridge, but is turned away by an AI (or was it an AGI). Next he heads to the AFT, all shops and industry, and no money to shop with. Then Starboard and he gets his first real wake up call.

Unlike their living quarters and the AFT, which spin at a slightly nauseating .2 G, the starboard side spins at something more like earth norm. The airlock opens up to what he first mistakes for a suburban brownstone neighborhood. The tightly packed buildings are clean and the blue sky over head…


…a sky in space?

His neurachem comes on line with his curiosity and his vision zooms in, a moment later he has it. He can see through the illusion to the holographic projectors. But really, it’s a nice effect. It makes the place seem open and safe, not like the claustrophobic metal terror of the port side.

He walks the streets (hallways) and gets a sense of the area. This is a respectable place, people look out for their own and while no one is hostile, everyone is vigilant. All in all, not a bad place to live.

Boredom more than anything makes him head Port side.

Coming from Starboard there is no other way to see it. Port side is a slum. The smell of smoke, cooking meat, the armed gangs marking space. If starboard is the suburbs, port side is a city. There is life here…and death.

He walks along for a while when he realized he is being followed…and poorly. The kid is maybe 20. He wears some gang colors, but is walking alone. They talk. The kid wants to be tough, claims to be in the Night Cartel, wants to recruit Chet. Chet politely declines without ever saying no. They talk politics, they talk life. The kid is naive, foolish, and probably on his first body. The kid is Toli Barrenechea, and he seems like an okay sort.

But he splits as Chet gets a call. The ninja is awake, and they want someone to get him.


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